I consider myself a late bloomer in photography as well as being self-taught. My first real experience with the medium was during my undergrad in Architecture where I would rent a camera and use the schools lab facilities to document projects. Prior to that, I credit my enrollment in an after school art program for the development of my sense of composition. Shifting from the brush to camera was natural as I now composed with a lens, light, lines, angles and the environment. My years in film were short, but my love for it allowed me to grasp the critical lessons and thought processes that I have carried through to the digital medium.


My inspiration stems from the subject matter I compose with. Urban centers with their architecture and grown forms have always fascinated me. A building is more than a typical shelter; it shapes our behavior and interaction with the space it defines. We also infuse the city with our collective sense of self that creates different perspectives within space as time goes on. The process of leaving home with a camera in hand, not knowing where I will end up or what I will bear witness too, is a humbling and therapeutic experience.  I am also enthralled by documentary and photojournalistic work. The mélange of text and imagery to help convey an emotion, situation or condition is key as I look to share and develop my experience within the medium.

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2019 Galerie Hors-Cadrer, Knowlton-LacBrome, Canada

2019-2015 Kensington Market Art Fair, Toronto, Canada

2019-2017 MtlenArts, Montreal, Canada

2019 Art Westmount, Victoria Hall Gallery, Westmount, Canada (2016, 2010)

2019 Faculty Exhibit, Cummings Centre Art Gallery, Montreal, Canada

2018 Calabria, Casa d’Italia, Montreal, Canada

2017 Cummings Centre Art Gallery

2017 Les fenêtres , Montreal, Canadaqui parlent

2017-2016 Art Victoria Park Gallery, Westmount Canada

2017-2015 NDG Art Walk, Montreal, Canada

2016 Kingston Artfest, Kingston, Canada

2016 Group Show, Victoria Hall Gallery, Westmount, Canada

2016 Victor Rose, Pointe-Claire, Canada

2015 Galerie FRINGE, MAI Gallery, Montreal, Canada

2015 SalonEsque, MAI Gallery

2015 Queen West Art Crawl, Toronto, Canada

2015 YES Art Expo, St-James Theater, Montreal, Canada

2015 Calabria, Casa d’Italia

2014-2012 Victoria Village Art Walk, Westmount, Canada

2014 Calabria, Victoria Hall Gallery

2013 Icons, Legends and Legacies Auction, Trafalgar School For Girls, Montreal, Canada


Selected Solo Exhibitions

2020 Calabria, SOKO, Sherbrooke, Canada

2015-2014 A view from within, Montreal Children’s Hospital, Montreal, Canada

2015 Una notte a Roma, FCO, Montreal, Canada

2014 Montreal’s Aboriginal Community, Evo Gallery, Montreal, Canada

2013 Symmetry, Chez Fred, Montreal, Canada

2012 Architecture, Entre le Café et la Plume, Montreal, Canada

2012-2011 From the Street: Exploring Urban Composition, Wilder Davis Gallery, Montréal, Canada


Collections and Installations

Groupe Quint, Westmount, Canada

Montreal Children’s Hospital, Montreal, Canada

Private Collection, Burlington, Canada

Private Collection, Toronto, Canada

Private Collection, St-John's, Canada 

Victoria Spa, Westmount, Canada



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Jun 2015 Montreal Gazette, Community Section

Sep 2015 Panoram Italian Lifestyle Magazine

Mar 2015 Corriere Italiano, Community Section

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Workshops, Presentations, and Critiques

Sep 2019 Instructor, Street Photography, Cummings Center, Montreal, Canada

Jun 2019 Instructor, Street Photography, Cummings Center

Mar 2019 Judge, Architectural Photography, Lakeshore Camera Club, Pointe-Claire, Canada

Dec 2018 Presenter, Architectural Photography

Oct 2018 Instructor, Documentary Photography, Cummings Center

Apr 2018 Judge, Urban Landscape Photography, Lakeshore Camera Club,

Oct 2015 Instructor, Documentary Photography, Cummings Center


Grants and Awards

Jun 2018 Honourable Mention, MtlenArts, Montreal, Canada

Jun 2017 Exhibition Grant, City of Montreal, Canada