"Upon first introduction to Giuseppe’s work at his “Calabria” exhibition in Westmount, I was immediately drawn to his strong use of balance, impact, vividness of colour, and ability to capture​ an emotional connection to the subject.   I bought two stunning prints on the spot that has now led to a collection of seven photographic pieces gracing both my home and office.  This connection has developed into a strong working relationship where Giuseppe has become the official photographer for all of my company’s architectural works.  His attention to detail, composition, and translating the scope and vision of my work onto print is integral to the development of my business."

- Christopher W. Hampton-Davies, ScanWest

"Giuseppe is one of the most talented photographer’s I’ve had a chance to meet. I have purchased a number of his works and each piece showcases a distinct aspect of the architectural landscape of our urban centers. His playful arrangement of geometry and colour gives new meaning to the buildings that surround us, and his reverence for the story of the lives which inhabit these cities provide a deeper connection to his art and the places he photographs. His modesty in his work and his good-nature makes him a pleasure to work with, and every purchase I’ve made from him received his upmost attention, from the quality of the print to the framing and delivery of the photograph. I wholeheartedly recommend Giuseppe as a photographer. "

- Jérôme-Alexandre Soumastre


"A real Montrealer at heart but with a strong Italian background, so much so that it has inspired some of his great work.  A passion for photography and a passion for Italy has brought him to capture some of his most beautiful work. "

- Montreal Young Italian-Canadian Association


"Magnifique photo, point de vue intéressant! Excellent service de l'artiste-vendeur!"

- Eolie


"... your pictures are stunning.  I really admire how you can take these things that I only give a passing glance to as I hurry to wherever I go, and make me realize that I really need to open my eyes more and look at all the cool stuff around me."

- Kristin Radtke


"Fabulous Action photos of search and rescue teams in action"

- Cliff Neumann, Community Rescue Squad


"Giuseppe was an absolute joy to have at Wilder & Davis gallery. He is a talented self-taught photographer whose modesty is endearing and incredibly refreshing. I am sure that his dedication and passion are not only reserved for his artwork but for any other endevour he puts his mind too. I would recommend Giuseppe in a flash and hope that he continues to develop his photography and show in other interesting spaces.

- Elizabeth Barbosa, Wilder & Davis Gallery


"Giuseppe is a great photographer! His work has made a huge impact for my interior design business. I will continue to work with Giuseppe for as long as I can!"

- Lena Neuhaus, Neuhaus Design