Exploring Canmore and Banff

June 13, 2019

The month of April had me set out to Calgary, Alberta for a conference in the mountain town of Canmore. I knew I was in for a treat but I had no clue just how infectious the topography would be. The colours, the river, the air...oh and the majestic mountains were breathtaking. I also became obsessed with old engine bridge as you will soon see from the collection below. Every morning, I jumped out of bed before sunset and rushed over to the river bed where I patiently sat in the dark waiting to see how each day would illuminate the bridge and the mountains :)

A special thank you to Beth, Diana, Laurel, Maneka, Martin, Ratna, Susan and Tomoko for this incredible opportunity.

Somewhere over the prairies...I think


Structural detail from the Canmore Engine Bridge


View of the mountains from the Canmore Engine Bridge


Fishing along the Bow River


Canmore Boardwalk 


Erosion along the Bow River 


Canmore Boardwalk


Early morning light along the Bow River


Train line to the Three Sisters Mountain range 


Trailer park reflection of the Three Sisters Mountain range


Lost along the Bow River


View from the Banff Gondola


Two Jack Lake


Lake Minnewanka


Did I mention my obsession with this old engine bridge :)


Troll Falls


Troll Falls

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