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westmount summit

Curious to know what happens when you shove this architectural photographer into a wooded area? Below you will find the results, nothing fancy but thought I would share a few from my session along with a brief history on the location of Westmount Summit.

Located on Mount Royal, Westmount Summit is one of the three peaks of this Montreal icon. The zone spans just over 23 hectares and is 201 meters above sea level. In the late nineteenth century, McGill University owned the space and used it as a botanical garden. The university would then go on to donate the land to Westmount on the condition that it become a bird sanctuary.

I gravitated to the damp, slimy and slightly foggy green space as I wanted to document its state after the winter months. As I walked through, I was immediately attracted to fallen trees and their sculptural like features within the muted yet vibrant details of the raw landscape.

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