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I am a MontréaI based architectural and documentary photographer. My inspiration stems from the constructed environment. A structure is more than a shelter; it shapes our interaction with the space it defines and infuses cities with a collective sense that shifts over time. I am also enthralled with documentary and photojournalistic work. The mélange of text and imagery to convey emotion, situation or condition is fundamental as I strive to develop and share my experience.

Je suis photographe d’architecture et documentaire d’origine montréalaise. Mon inspiration vient de l’environnement construit. Une structure n’est pas qu’un simple refuge; elle influence notre interaction avec l’espace qu’elle définit : elle confère aux villes un sens collectif qui change au fil du temps. Le travail de photojournaliste et documentaire me captive. Le mélange de texte et d’images évoquant une émotion, une situation, ou une condition est essentiel quand je cherche à développer et à partager mon expérience.

"Responsive and professional." - Daniel Cohlmeyer, Principal Architect at Cohlmeyer Architecture

"Giuseppe’s eye and skill captures the interesting plays between light and dark, colours, sharp angles and softened edges, and always leave room for the emotional connection I always feel when seeing his work. His images swiftly bring me to special memories from my time living in Montreal." Crystal

«J'aime énormément le travail photographique de Giuseppe sur Montréal, par ses choix de sujets et de cadrages. J'ai recemment acheté son livre sur la région de Calabre en Italie afin de la découvrir via son œil de photographe. Le résultat est vraiment très beau, inspirant, et me donne à présent envie d'aller visiter la Calabre par moi-même !» Sophie Gailliot


"Giuseppe’s eye for framing and light produce striking images that draw you in. I love his work." Linda Sullivan

«Le travail photographique de Giuseppe Pascale redonne à l'architecture sa dimension humaine. Son regard sensible transparait à travers les compositions de ses photos. J'ai commandé un tirage numéroté sur sa boutique en ligne et toutes les étapes sont claires et aisées à compléter. J'ai reçu mon tirage par la poste très rapidement et en parfaite condition. La qualité du tirage est exceptionnelle, les couleurs sont tellement belles et vives !»  Marie-Anne Simard

"To say that Giuseppe is a talented artist is an understatement. In every room of my home you can find a Giuseppe Pascale original. His photos have a sense of wonder and awe, but also respect and reverence. When you look at one of his pieces, you are transported - I can feel the sun in Calabria, or the wind on the coast of Newfoundland. His work makes me want to go out and explore and experience it all! Thank you, Giuseppe, for sharing your vision with us." - Ashli Soumastre

"Anyone with a good camera can take a decent picture…a memory. Giuseppe has a good camera;; he can take a good picture but I've watched his work change from taking good pictures to photography as art. And now the added dimension is that he is doing his own printing, the art is even more present." - Pat Machin


"Giuseppe is a great photographer! His work has made a huge impact for my interior design business. I will continue to work with him for as long as I can" - Lena Neuhaus, Interior Designer


"Giuseppe was an absolute joy to have at Wilder & Davis gallery. He is a talented self-taught photographer whose modesty is endearing and increadibly refreshing. I am sure that his dedication and passion are not only reserved for his artwork but for any other endevour he puts his mind too. I would recommend Giuseppe in a flash and hope that he continues to develop his photography and show in other interesting spaces." - Elizabeth Barbosa, Director/Curator 

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