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small taste of PEI

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

In the autumn of 2019, I had the pleasure of exploring a small portion of Prince Edward Island (PEI). Although it was a brief visit, every minute was packed with the simplified beauty of Canada's smallest province both geographically (5,660 square km) and population (155,318). Despite its small size, it is the denses province at 25.25 people per square km. To compare, Ontario has density of 14.1 people per square km, Quebec holds at 5.8, Alberta at 5.7 and British Columbia sits at 4.8.

I would like to note that every pastel colour within my Crayola box can be found in PEI. I could go on and on about the island but maybe it is best that I stick to showing you. It was not easy selecting, so I opted to go with 20 photographs arranged in the order they were taken. Each photo inspired from the next through shapes, shadows, strong lines, soft pastels and dramatic skies. Nestled within Canada's best kept secret, the Maritimes, the distinctive fabric of PEI is worth a visit.

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