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la festa di san giuseppe

March 19th for many Italians is father’s day as well as San Giuseppe (Saint Joseph).

Carrying the name, every year I am treated to a delicacy called zeppole, have you ever tried? If not, head to an Italian bakery near you and see if they feature this delightful fried ball of dough with a ricotta or cream filled interior…mmm!

So how did this day in the Italian culture come about?

Picture it...Sicily...the Middle Ages, villagers were facing a servere drought resulting in famine. They reverted to praying to their patron saint, promising that if the rains returned, they would prepare a large feast for San Giuseppe. Their voices were heard and soon after the skies opened up, allowing rain to replenish the fava bean crops and saving the population from starvation.

The name has since continued to transcend generations both in Italy and abroad. For me, the name is linked to mio nonno (my grandfather), Giuseppe Pascale, who made the voyage from Italy to Canada.

giuseppe pascale

Buona festa di san giuseppe a tutti e buon appetito...mmm zeppole =)

Happy St-Patrick's day as well!

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